Robin Hood Spotlight

by Allen W. Wright

Variations on a Legend

The Robin Hood legend has been going strong for over 600 years. The outlaw hero has been the star of ballads, poems, plays, novels, movies, comic books -- even a breakfast cereal. Not all of these have been great - some have been downright awful. All of them are a testament to the enduring popularity of Robin Hood - and all are worth mentioning. Well, nearly all. I'm not likely to do a column on the Prince of Thieves breakfast cereal.

When I have chance, I'll focus on a version of Robin's story -- good, bad or mediocre. Some entries will be on the best-known books and films. Other spotlights will shine a light on a more obscure interpretation. 

Is there a great Robin Hood book, movie or TV show that you want to see celebrated? Or a real groaner that you'd love to see panned? Please e-mail me and let me know. I take requests.


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