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Other places to learn about Puck

An online annotated version of the classic play by William Shakespeare.
You've read the best; now read the rest. Also features links to many other Shakespearean sites.
Link to Project Gutenberg's online version of Kipling's tales.
It's literally out of this world.
Dedicated to The Sandman comic book which featured Puck in some issues. This site is run by another user named Puck.
All about the superhero Puck, a character from Marvel's team of Canadian superheroes -- Alpha Flight.
Surprisingly intelligent Disney cartoon with a lot of history and myth. Some episodes featured Puck, voiced by Brent Spiner -- Star Trek's Data.
One of many sites dedicated to the Puck of Gargoyles.
The online home of Neil Gaiman (author of the Sandman comic, including an award-winning A Midsummer Night's Dream issue, and many stories with faeries).
The master of urban fantasy! This Ottawa-based writer has written stories about Puck and the Pook of Puxill.
Home of Charles Vess, an artist who drew Puck in The Sandman and who has worked with both Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint.