Pook's Hill

by Allen W. Wright

It is Midsummer Eve in the Sussex Weald. Around the fairy ring, you dance in innocent fun. Suddenly, a strange creature appears from out of legend and dreams. His impish smile and wide, sparkling eyes make the creature seem as young as a newborn babe. But you can sense that he is much older -- as old as Britain itself. His name is Puck, and he is an Old Thing. His bones are as old and powerful as the Oak, Ash and Thorn.

Welcome to Pook's Hill

When I first started my website over 20 years ago, this Pook's Hill page was the main gateway. But very quickly the Robin Hood page took off and became its own thing.

Now this serves mainly as the gateway page for a much smaller section of my site -- the pages devoted to that other Robin -- Robin Goodfellow, also known as Puck.

This section takes its name from the Rudyard Kipling book Puck of Pook's Hill.

The illustration is Puck and the Fairies by Richard Dadd, 1841


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