A Beginner's Guide to ROBIN HOOD

Much the Miller's Son

by Allen W. Wright

Much is mentioned quite a bit in the earliest stories. Some stories call him Midge or even Nick the Miller's Son. Sometimes Much and Midge are different people.

Originally, Much was strong enough to carry Little John. And he was violent enough to behead a monk's page just to keep him quiet.

But nowadays Much is seen as a young, innocent character who is not too bright. In one book, he's only 12, the son of an Older Much the Miller who was murdered by Normans.

Many films show Much killing a deer -- a severe offence against the forest laws. The Norman overlords are about to chop off his hand or burn out his eyes. That's when Robin interferes and saves the young man. Much joins the Merry Men.

Another story makes Much (or Midge, as he was sometimes called) yet another tradesman who was stopped by Robin Hood. The young miller was carrying a great sack of flour, and Robin suspected that he might be holding gold in the sack. Much (or Midge) opened the sack and tossed flour in Robin's face. Then, like so many people before him, Much beat the stuffing out of bold Robin. Of course, Robin asked Much to join the Merry Men.

Sadly, if there's a Merry Man who is left out of the stories these days, it is Much. Even so, he still appears in some tales and is often the youthful mascot of the band. And perhaps, its soul.

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