A Beginner's Guide to ROBIN HOOD


by Allen W. Wright

Meet the Outlaws

PRobin Hood is not a lone outlaw but the leader of a trained band of fighters. And it's a good thing too. Robin's a reckless lad sometimes. He'll sneak into Nottingham once too often and get caught by the sheriff. Or he'll pick a fight with the wrong traveller.

And when the going gets rough, Robin blows three great blasts on his horn. That's when his Merry Men appear. Some say they are a small group of outlaws. Others say there were 140 or 150 Merry Men in Robin's band. Some tales even say there were 300 stout fellows in the band. Whatever the case, if it weren't for these sturdy yeomen (and yeo-women), Robin wouldn't last a week.

Merry Men

  • LITTLE JOHN - Robin Hood's right-hand man
  • MAID MARIAN - Robin Hood's romantic interest
  • FRIAR TUCK - A religious ally, but also fond of food and beer
  • WILL SCARLET - Sometimes a dandy; other times an angry fighter
  • MUCH THE MILLER'S SON - Part of the Merry Men from the earliest tales (sometimes called Midge)
  • ALAN-A-DALE - Robin Hood's minstrel ally
  • THE OTHER MERRY MEN - Lesser ballad characters such as Will Stutely, David of Doncaster and Arthur-a-Bland; also the Muslim characters in modern Robin Hood movies and television shows
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Note: The basic information on this page reflects the biography or life story of Robin Hood as the end result of centuries of storytelling. For a more advanced look at how the legend has changed over time, please visit other sections of this website.

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