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A Beginner's Guide

A statue of Robin Hood on display at the Sherwood Forest Visitor's CentreGreetings! Has it been a while since you've read a tale of Robin Hood? Is it possible that you've never read a Robin Hood story?

This page is for you. A lot of the information on my website is very detailed. Here's a quick refresher course on the basics of the outlaw, his friends, foes and other general information.

There are lots of different Robin Hood stories out there. Storytellers continue to add new stories and new characters to the legend. For example, the early stories say Robin Hood was not a nobleman. Now he often is one. Marian and Tuck weren't in the earliest tales. This page summarizes some of the most common elements of the legend, taken from the earliest ballads to the most recent books and films. Many of the stories here contradict each other. The Recommended Reading and Favourite Films page lists some of the books, films and TV shows I used in drafting this section.

Many people come to this page directly from a search engine. However, the Beginner's Guide is only a small part of my much larger Robin Hood website.

If you want to know more about how, why and when the legend grew and changed,  check out my Wolfshead Through The Ages page. For information on the historical figures that might have inspired the legend, please visit my Search for a Real Robin Hood section.

If I've left out your favourite Robin Hood story, why not e-mail me and tell me about it?


A Beginner's Guide to Robin Hood is written by Allen W. Wright

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