WOLFSHEAD THROUGH THE AGES -- The History of Robin Hood

A Robin Hood statue outside Nottingham Castle

So, you think you know Robin Hood?

You might be in for a surprise. The legend of Robin Hood has changed a lot over the years. "Classic" characters such as Maid Marian, Friar Tuck and Alan a Dale were all later additions to the greenwood folklore. So was the "steal from the rich and give to the poor" motif. The Robin Hood of the early ballads is very different from the Robin Hoods of Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner.

These pages explore the history of the bold outlaw of Nottingham, Barnsdale and Sherwood. They show how, when and why the story of Robin Hood evolved.

Wolfshead through the Ages is divided into various sections. You can click on the introduction to start, or head straight to the topic that interests you the most. Sources contains a list of the books I used to research the site.

Written by Allen W. Wright

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