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Privacy Policy

For a long time, I didn't think I needed a privacy policy. But apparently it's an I that must be dotted and a T that must be crossed in order to win certain awards.

So, here it is. I don't collect personal information.

Of course, you might have gathered that because there's really no place on my site to collect such information. If you need to offer such information to the folks at EZBoard (who host my message board) or Amazon (who I have links to), well, you're under their clearly posted privacy policies. For my part, I have no access to any useful information that they might collect. And even if I do and I'm too stupid to figure out where such information is offered, I'd not sell it to a third-party or solicit any business from you.

I do use Google Analytics on many pages, which does collect additional details. I know I can view locations of where my users are visited, but if it's possible to identify much more than that, I don't know.

Information on how Google collects information can be found here.

I also don't collect and sell any personal information that you choose to offer me in email.

If this privacy policy seems not terribly business-like to you, there's a reason for that. This is an educational site and not a business. Yes, I know that this is perfectly obvious to most people visiting my site, but well... some people are thick. I still wouldn't share their personal information though.