Journalism Portfolio
Allen W. Wright

Here are some of the many articles that I have written for various print publications.

Arts: "Sketching Thoughts." Zdorov! The Magazine of Ukrainian Things , Summer 1997, p.5

Arts: "... of alternative lifestyles and realities..." Artery, Autumn 1996

Entertainment: "Enter Sandman." Eyeopener, Sept. 21, 1994, p. 19

Arts and Entertainment: "Spiders scare and amuse." The Ryersonian , Nov. 8, 1995, p.11

News/Life: "Medieval Make-believe." The Ryersonian, Nov. 29, 1995, p.8

From 1997 to the present, I have also conducted interviews with several authors, actors and politicians for my Interviews in Sherwood page.

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