Stephanie Barczewski (Clemson University), "Images of Robin Hood in Nineteenth-Century Britain"

Douglas Gray (Oxford University), "Everybody's Robin Hood"

Kevin Harty (La Salle University), "Unreal 'reel' Robin Hoods"


Alan T. Gaylord (Dartmouth College) and Lorraine Stock (University of Houston, Texas):
"Robin Hood and Chaucer"

Evelyn Perry (Framingham State College): "Creative Writers and Robin Hood"

Linda Troost (Washington and Jefferson College), "Robin Hood Ballads in Performance"

Allen Wright (Toronto): "Robin Hood in Canada"


David Bentley (UWO), "Willie Longstaff: Bliss Carmen's Self-Construction as Merry Man"

Laura Blunk (Cuyahqoga Community College), "Spreading the Tales: North American Fan Fiction and the Transmission of Robin Hood Materials through Popular Culture in the Late Twentieth Century"

Chris Chism (Rutgers University), "Bringing out the Beast in Me:  Masters and Servants in Robin Hood and the Monk and Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne"

Peter Christensen (Cardinal Stritch University), "Howard Pyle and Robin Hood"

Michael Collins (University of Singapore), " Ayn Rand's Merry Men"

Nathalie Cooke (McGill University), "Robin Hood Flour: The Bandit as Cooking Icon"

Michael A. Cramer (City University of New York Graduate Center), "Reconstructing Robin Hood: An Experiment in Transgressive Mayhem"

Laurence de Looze (UWO), "The Outlaw Poet, the Poet Outlaw: The Case of Gisla Saga"

Francis Gingras (UWO), "Le prenom Robin et sa fortune en France aux XIIe et XIIIe siecles"

Mica Gould (Purdue University), "Social Protest and Narrative Technique in Pritchard's Twm Shon Catty"

Richard Green (UWO), "The Hermit and the Outlaw: New Evidence for Robin Hood's Death"

David Hepworth (University of Nottingham), "Bandits of Barnsdale: The Real 13th and 14th Century Robbers"

Linda Hutjens (University of Toronto), "The Trail-Staff Shoemakers of Bradford in George a Geene, the Pinner of Wakefield (play, c.1590)"

Alexander Kaufman (Purdue University), "Histories of Contexts: Argument and Ideology in
A Gest of Robin Hood"

Sherron Lux (University of Houston, Texas), "Picturing Marion: The Maid Marion Illustrations in Juvenile Fiction"

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Stephen Knight (Cardiff University), "The Sadness of the Shepherd: Ben Jonson and Robin Hood"

David Lampe (Buffalo State College), "My Hood or Yours: Robin Hood in American and Canadian Narratives"

John Marshall (University of Bristol) and Sally-Beth MacLean (University of Toronto), "A proper place for a pleasant pastime: Copland's Robin Hood plays"

Sara Morrison (UWO), "Oliver Cromwell, a Mid-Seventeenth-Century Robin Hood? Cromwell, the Royal Forests, and Sherwood"

Thomas H. Ohlgren (Purdue University), "The Robin Hood Manuscripts"

Helen Phillips (University of Liverpool), "Robin and the Serfs: Henry  Gilbert's Robin Hood (1912)"

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Allen Wright (Toronto), "The Sheriff of Nottingham: Evil Supervillain or Just Misunderstood?"

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