Third Robin Hood Conference
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Robin Hood and the Friar Photos

On June 1, 2001, Poculi Ludique Societas (PLS) staged a production of the 16th century play, Robin Hood and the Friar.

Please visit the PLS website.

For more information on Robin Hood and the Friar, please visit the Robin Hood Spotlight. Or read a version of the play, complete with scholarly introduction and notes, at The Robin Hood Project.

1. A Merry Man prepares to shoot 2. The Merry Men Joking Around 3. Robin Hood on Friar Tuck's Back
4. Tables Turned 5. Robin Hood in Trouble 6. Robin and the Merry Men
7. More Chaos 8. Friar Tuck and his "Lady Free" 9. The Morris Dance
Robin Hood:  Todd Campbell
Friar Tuck:  S. Tyson
Little John:  Rob Westgate
Maid Marion:  Ty Andrassi
Merry Man 1 (Will Scarlet?):  Kevin Robinson
Merry Man 2 (Arrow Boy):  Matt Richardson

Director:  Daniel Levinson
Costumer/Producer:  Linda Phillips
Dance Consultant:  Clyde Whittam

Robin Hood Display at the D.B. Weldon Library

The D.B. Weldon Library at the University of Western Ontario displayed numerous Robin Hood items from May to July 2001, to co-incide with the conference.  The display was arranged by librarian John Lutman and encorporate materials from the university's collection and the private collection of Allen W. Wright.

1. The Display Cases 2. Modern Novels and Short Story Anthologies
3. Children's Novels and Comic Books 4. More Robin Hood Comic Books
5. Even More Robin Hood Comic Books 6. Robin Hood in Film and Television
7. More Film and Television Items 8. Assorted Robin Hood Items
9. Newspapers and Pamphlets 10. Robin Hood Books (UWO collection)

Assorted Conference Photos

If you attended the conference and have photos that you're willing to share, please e-mail Allen W. Wright.

1. Cake with the Robin Hood Flour Logo 2. Throw Donated by Robin Hood Flour
More Photos To Come

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