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General Information, Ballad Collections and Stories

Robin of Sherwood

  • SPIRIT OF SHERWOOD - The fanclub for the classic 1980s TV series, lots of information here
  • ROBIN OF SHERWOOD ON SPITEFUL PUPPET - New audiobooks and full-cast audio dramas featuring the original cast, also some novelizations. A lof of their audios are licensed for the UK only, so visitors outside of the UK might not see all the options
  • HOODED MAN EVENTS - Barnaby Eaton-Jones runs conventions with the cast and crew of Robin of Sherwood
  • GISBURNE'S NASTY KNIGHT PAGE - Come spend an entertaining day in a Nottingham dungeon, courtesy of Robin's enemy, Sir Guy and his secretary, Claire. And don't worry, I'm sure they've forgotten about that mass gaol break I led.
  • SCARLET INSIDE - A superb website dedicated to Will Scarlet, particularly as played by Ray Winstone in Robin of Sherwood. The designer of this page is responsible for the 2000-2018 look of my website
  • MICHAEL PRAED'S FANFARE - Official fan club for the Loxley actor.
  • JASON CONNERY - Official online home of the show's second Robin Hood, Robert of Huntingdon, now a popular film director
  • CLIVE MANTLE - He played Little John in RoS and now he's a best-selling children's author
  • MARK RYAN - Actor, writer, swordmaster, Mark Ryan played Nasir, the first Arab Merry Man.
  • THE ROBIN OF SHERWOOD FANFIC ARCHIVE - New Robin of Sherwood inspired fiction written by fans. Herne24's original site is no more, but this new link contains a lot of the fiction.

Other Robin Hood Movie, TV and Theatre Sites

  • ROCKET ROBIN HOOD - %%Band of brothers, marching together ...%% Remember this cartoon? Probably not. But this 1960s cartoon -- largely forgotten by the rest of the world -- was voiced and partially animated in Canada. That means that's to meet national content quotas, Canadian stations reran this show's three seasons for decades. It was one of my key introductions to Robin Hood. Kevin McCorry has a great site on it.
  • DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IN ROBIN HOOD - New York State Writers Institute covers this seminal early Robin Hood film
  • THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD AT FILMSITE - Information about the classic 1938 Errol Flynn film
  • IN LIKE FLYNN: THE OFFICIAL ERROL FLYNN WEBSITE - Run by the legendary Robin Hood's daughter Rory Flynn
  • WALT DISNEY PRESENTS THE STORY OF ROBIN HOOD AND HIS MERRIE MEN - No, not the 1973 cartoon with the fox. This is the 1952 live action film starring Richard Todd and Joan Rice. Clement of the Glen does a deep dive into the film, exploring production notes, sets, props, actors and using it as a springboard to explore medieval history, the Robin Hood legend and so much more. Strongly recommended.
  • THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD WITH RICHARD GREENE - A site giving this international 1950s TV hit some much deserved love
  • THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD- Information on this Xena-styled series starring Matthew Porretta and John Bradley. (Focusing on the Porretta years.)
  • MAID MARIAN AND HER MERRY MEN - Imagine that Robin's a fashion-obsessed twit and Marian is the brains of the outfit. That's what this wonderful British satire did. It was created by Tony Robinson, Blackadder's lackey Baldrick.
  • BBC DRAMA: ROBIN HOOD - The official website for the 2006 Tiger Aspect series airing on BBC One, starring Jonas Armstrong as Robin.
  • ROBIN HOOD BLOG - Features an assortment of articles and reviews focusing primarily on Robin Hood TV shows and movies.
  • ROBIN HOOD: THE LEGEND OF SHERWOOD - The 2018 production of Robert Akers and Jeff Doug Messer's play Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood. On Jeff Messer's YouTube site

Robin Hood Country

  • ROBIN HOOD: A PERSONAL JOURNEY - A Canadian Robin Hood expert (that's me) describes his various trips to Robin Hood sites in Great Britain.
  • THE SHERWOOD FOREST TRUST - Robin Hood's greenwood is being destroyed! Check out this site and help save it! The official Sherwood Forest website.
  • ROBIN HOOD TOWN TOURS - Ade Andrews aka Ezekial Bone conducts tours of Nottingham in the persona of Robin Hood. I haven't been, but I hear they are very good.
  • THE ROBIN HOOD EXPERIENCE- Facebook page for the  Nottingham tourist The attraction The Robin Hood Experience
  • LEARNING ABOUT FORESTS - An international educational website about the greenwood. It includes a list of forest myths from around the world.
  • VISIT NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - The official tourism site for Nottinghamshire and Nottingham.
  • THE WORLDWIDE ROBIN HOOD SOCIETY - A Nottingham-based group dedicated to the outlaw legend.
  • ROBIN HOOD'S BAY - A gorgeous fishing village on the Yorkshire coast bears our hero's name. There's actually a ballad where Robin became a fisherman, perhaps serving as an explanation for the village's name.
  • CONISBROUGH CASTLE - Located near Doncaster and not far from Barnsdale, this real-life castle was the fictional home of Athelstane in Ivanhoe.

Robin Hoods of the World

Robin Hood is often considered the archetypal outlaw hero. As a result, many cultural heroes are referred to as the Robin Hoods of their respective countries.

These sites are about Robin Hood-like characters from different countries. These heroes and villains can be real, legendary and completely fictional. It should also be noted that these legends are in no way inferior or subordinate to the Robin Hood legend. Some of these tales predate Robin's adventures.

I'd love to know about more "Robin Hood" characters from different cultures. So please e-mail me with more suggestions for this section.

  • OUTLAWS AND HIGHWAYMEN BY GILLIAN SPRAGGS - This site was designed and edited by Gillian Spraggs to be a companion to her 2001 book of the same name. It includes texts such as ballads, extracts from "Prose Lives", letters, satires, political commentary and more. An excellent resource on Robin Hood, Captain Hind and many other other crooks of fact and fiction..
  • WILLIAM WALLACE - Scotland's national hero and the basis of Braveheart , starring Mel Gibson. Some believe Wallace's adventures influenced the Robin Hood legend.
  • ROB ROY - Another -- albeit much later -- Scottish hero. He also inspired films and novels.
  • BOUDICCA - Also known as Boadicea, this queen of the Celtic Iceni fought the Roman invaders of Britain.
  • TWM SION CATI  - The Welsh Robin Hood (well, one of them.)
  • NED KELLY, AUSTRALIA'S IRON OUTLAW - Australia's "Robin Hood".
  • USTYM KARMALIUK - "The Ukrainian Robin Hood".
  • JURAJ JANOSIK - The Slavic Robin Hood".
  • WILLIAM TELL - The legendary Swiss archer.
  • LOUIS RIEL - An important and controversial figure in Canadian history.
  • BILLY THE KID - A real-life outlaw and murderer from the "Old West" of the United States. His legend has some Robin Hood elements.
  • LAMPIANO - Lampiano and his wife Maria Bonita were outlaws in early 20th century Brazil, leaders of the Cangaceiros. These vicious bandits have become the heroes of ballads, films and comic books.
  • PHOOLAN DEVI - India's late real-life Bandit Queen.
  • ZORRO - This Spanish Californian hero is the fictional creation of Johnston McCulley.
  • SHUIHU ZHUAN / SUIDOKEN / THE OUTLAWS OF THE MARSH -Also known as the legend of the Water Margin, Shuihu Zhuan is a classic of Chinese literature set in the 10th century and stars "Robin Hood-like" men and women. It's also popular in Japan, where it's known as Suikoden.

Medieval History and Literature

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