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Update - Oct. 4, 2006: In anticipation of the new BBC Robin Hood TV series, I've created a special forum just to discuss the new show.

Follow the link to enter the Robin Hood message board. Named after the tavern from Howard Pyle's classic children's novel The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood,  The Blue Boar Inn is a place to discuss all aspects of  the Robin Hood legend. Topics range from scholarly examinations of the earliest ballads to fun pop culture discussions about the Rocket Robin Hood cartoon show. Share with us your first encounter with the outlaw legend. Who or what is Robin Hood to you? Leave messages defending or damning Kevin Costner's turn as Robin Hood. Join us and talk about Robin Hood and his friends. And perhaps meet some new friends!

Internet debates are often very heated. It's very easy to attack people when you know them as only a few lines of text. Please remember the difference between disagreeing with an idea and insulting a person. There was major off-topic blow-up in the past, but I hope there won't be any major problems in the future.

Oh, and spam is strictly prohibited! Do not post ads for quasi-legal (or completely illegal) get-rich-quick schemes or pornographic websites. If you want to cheat the gullible out of their money, find a longbow and do it the old fashioned way!

Click here to visit the Blue Boar Inn Message Board.

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